Cassandre "Normandie" Redone

I recently bought Adobe Illustrator so I have been teaching myself some illustration techniques.  The picture above is based on the famous Cassandre poster from the 1930s.  It is all hand drawn from scratch and based on a cross between the original poster and the modern Queen Mary 2 cruise ship.  Once the drawing was finished in Illustrator I popped into photoshop to add in the paper texture overlay.

The cruise ship took quite a long time to create but it was a great learning exercise.  Since then I have had a go at recreating real life objects such as this clock that is on my office wall:
If you don't have time...

And more recently I have been working on a surrealist cutlery set landscape:
Surreal Cutlery Landscape

There is no strategy or plan for these illustrations other than to have some fun creating things.

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